Cash Discount
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Take control of your merchant account!

It’s time to start paying 0% for your processing rates.

Cash Discounting is quickly becoming the most popular form of payment acceptance today. Join thousands of other small businesses across the country that are saving hundreds or thousands of dollars per month on their processing fees.

Boost your bottom line by keeping more of what you earn.

We provide you with:

  • Easy-to-use signage to place at your business entrance and point-of-sale.
  • Free Payment processing equipment with pre-installed software ready to utilize the Cash Discount Program.
  • Robust back-office reporting to monitor transaction history and savings.

PayProTec’s Edge Cash Discount Program is easy to implement so that you can start saving. Enroll today and get the in-store materials you need to let your customers know exactly how much they can save – so that you can save as well!

PayAnywhere Smart Terminal A920 & Edge Cash Discount
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Edge Cash Discount Analysis

Edge Cash Discount produces outrageous savings!

Until now, you’ve been paying for your customers’ rewards programs. It’s costing you big time!

Our proposition is simple: let the cardholder pay for their rewards program. We provide the necessary signage to allow the customer to agree to front a 4% convenience fee for using their card when they pay. If they pay with cash or check, they can bypass that fee. It’s only fair.

The comparative cost analysis shown here demonstrates how substantially this can help your bottom line. Most merchants save hundreds per month, and thousands per year when using Cash Discount.

Review our testimonials below to learn how simple it is:

  • Free equipment with no contract makes the transition painless.
  • Abundant, attractive signage does all the work to communicate the shift in culture.
  • You’ll be surprised to learn how understanding your customers will be.

PayProTec’s Edge Cash Discount Program is the next best step to regain control of your merchant account. Contact us right away and we’ll do a comparative cost analysis for your merchant account today!

We are a family-owned business and we have to watch every dollar that we spend. When PayProTec came to us with their EDGE Cash Discount program, we were hesitant at first. We decided the monthly savings were far too great to at least not try it. What a great decision on our part! We have received little to no “push back” from our customers. They understand we are doing everything we can to not raise our prices. 4% is pennies on the dollar. It’s a “win, win!” Thank you, PayProTec!

Philip French
Kiddie City

Being in the service industry, we thought people would not have a problem with the small percentage added on to each transaction. We were right! We do over 500 transactions a month and the credit card fees are something that we have been trying to eliminate. When PayProTec approached us with the EDGE Cash Discount program, we finally found a solution. We are saving over $2,000 a month and with that money we have been able to hire the people that we desperately needed.

Paul Richardson
Richardson Steak House

We have been waiting for a program like the EDGE Cash Discount program for a while. Our average ticket ranges from $10 to around $30. The EDGE Cash Discount program offered by PayProTec has been a breath of fresh air. We literally have received nothing but “we understand” from our customers. That and the option to pay cash if necessary makes this a “no brainer.” The savings each and every month has allowed us to do upgrades to our building that we never thought were possible.

Sarah Herron
Herman’s World of Sporting Goods

Frequently Asked Questions
How does Cash Discount work?

Our Cash Discount Program passes the cost of accepting credit card payments to the customer. Customers who pay with cash receive a discounted price compared to customers that pay with a credit card. Cash Discount pricing lets business owners enjoy the same profit margins on cash payments and non-cash payments by including processing fees into the price of sales made by customers paying by credit card.

Is it legal to pass credit card fees to customers?

Yes! Cash Discounting is legal in all 50 states and is gaining in popularity every day. The Durbin Amendment, as part of the Financial Reform Act, permits businesses to offer a discount to customers not paying by credit card as a way to incentivize them to pay by alternative methods.

After enrolling in our Cash Discount Program, we’ll provide you with signage broadcasting your participation in the program to display at your store entrance and at the point of sale.

How will my customers respond to this change?

Recent studies have shown that Cash Discounting does not affect consumer behavior and that over 99% of the time, Cash Discounting was not an issue at the point of sale, thus having no impact on sales.

Why should I consider the Cash Discount program for my business?

In some areas of the United States, Cash Discounting is already the most popular form of payment acceptance. Current economic conditions have accelerated the adoption of Cash Discounting and for good reason: merchants need to save every penny they can and consumers want to support the businesses in their communities. With our Cash Discount Program, you can offer your services and products to consumers at prices they can afford, all while keeping 100% of the money you’ve earned.

How fast will I get my money?

Merchant processing funds are typically deposited within 2 business days. However, we have the capacity to provide Next Day Funding for many merchants, depending on business type and other factors. If you opt to use one of our PayAnywhere Smart Terminal setups, you are automatically signed up for next day funding.

What cards can I accept?

You will be able to accept all of the following:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Checkcards
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • PIN entry Debit & EBT
What kind of support can I expect?

Our Help Desk is always available toll-free 365 days, 24 X 7. With our PayAnywhere app and Payments Hub online reporting system, you are always just a few clicks away from active data about your account and immediate support.

How will I keep track of my transactions?

Our Payments Hub online reporting system is the default way to view your account activity. If you prefer, you may elect to receive a paper statement mailed once per month.

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